Some things I used to do but don't do much of any more because I have a day job


Phrond is a collection of resources for simple living, with a strong focus on helping people with real estate searches for appropriately cheap properties that could be suited for off-grid living.

Photographic Dictionary

Photographic dictionary and the sister site Videographic dictionary are sites illustrating common words with photos.

Words, by cat

Words, by cat is where the overflow from the Photographic Dictionary goes, if it has cats. I haven't updated this one for ages but it's now public on github if anyone has cat photos and wants to make a PR.


Giraffian is an old site with various childen's activities on it, but mostly has a collection of little kid's jokes. Site dates back to 2002 and has been rebuilt in a variety of technologies over the years. Currently in the process of archiving it to static HTML like all my other older sites.