Hi, I'm RumpledElf. I live in the bush somewhere near the border of NSW and Victoria in Australia and I work for Boral. I am quite self-admittedly a very strange person. In the long term I am aiming for eccentric but I don't yet have that much money nor that many cats.

I'm a Drupal developer but I'm trying to give it up and spend more time away from the computer (it isn't working). I started my career as a C programmer and at some point I found web development and never looked back. I like making things and fixing things and web development has that lovely mix of instant gratification and larger scale architecture.

I've been using this nick fairly consistently for about 20 years, so if you find this nickname somewhere, odds are good it is me. This page is just here as a meta page for people who google me. I have opinions about lots of things - and I get passionate about many of them. Not all of them are work related. Fortunately for the people I work with there isn't much overlap, I have some dubious hobbies.

My least dubious hobby is collecting awful, awful real estate. The only thing I can say in my defence is they are very cheap. I've been doing this since I was still at uni and there is no hope for me.

My current goal in life is to hit FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) sometime kinda soon, which currently mostly involves selling and/or developing then selling the spare real estate I have that I really can't afford to maintain while I currently work part time in the country. Part time life is great and all and I'm likely to keep it up for several years, but it would be nice to not have to work at all and nice to not have to deal with a bunch of tenants. Chickens are easier to deal with.

If you absolutely must stalk me on other social media, may I suggest Twitter and LinkedIn as good places to start. I would link to my GitHub but the only public projects I have are a collection of Jekyll sites that are not much different to this one, and if you're impressed by this site, you have low standards.