So about a year ago I was going to actually blog about these plans I have to disappear to the country and go live under a rock. The plans are taking longer than I was thinking, but aren’t really rocket science.

They go something like this:

  1. Live like a pauper
  2. Buy shitty real estate with a high yeild x a few
  3. Accidentally buy shitty real estate in an area experiencing very high growth
  4. Wait for growthy property to growth some
  5. Sell growthy property and pay off other properties

Clearly this is an oversimplification, and I’m still on step 4 and am going to encourage this growth by getting the land surveyed and an architect designed dwelling approved, as it’s a shitty block of land and nobody has any imagination these days for what you do on shitty land. I may actually build and sell the completed non-shitty dwelling as it is in a good location, but that’s far too far ahead to really think about.

While I’m waiting on step 4 I should probably buy some index funds, but am distracted by trying to secure a completely paid off house to live in while doing so, and I’m not quite sure what’s happening with my current job. I also need mundane things like a chook yard, shade house, fruit trees and indoor plumbing. Baby steps.