Where has the time gone? The last few years have been hell, and I’ve had to put almost all my plans on hold. Not being able to do occasional bursts of contract work or full time work resulted in me selling almost all my assets far sooner than I wanted to.

I got the country house pretty well fixed up, but with a lot of government interference in my life, being rural because completely impractical and I moved again, to a small town that has services. The upside to this is in the few years I didn’t post, real estate prices went through the roof and I’ve come out the other side not only debt free but with a healthy bank balance, which does at least tick one of the boxes for goals I had a few years ago. This proves that money doesn’t buy happiness.

Things still aren’t looking up despite so many years passing. I don’t know what to do about it. There doesn’t seem to be any easy way out.